Domestic Buyer VIP Group Tour

Event Overview

Inviting SW order staff and officials of government / local governments, and private companies

Grouping by field and organization(about 30 people), visiting the booth of the participating companies

Total 20~30 groups for three days, random visit to booths / consultation (Guided by the host)

- Group of government / local government ordering staff

- Group of CIOs of small / medium / large company affiliates

- Group of SW teachers / school inspectors in elementary / middle / high school, school institutions

- Group of data processing staff in Army / Navy / Air force, Ministry of Defense

- Group of members of cooperative organization in electronics / automobile / semi-conductor / display / material parts

* Please apply only for corporate executives, government/public agency purchases, outsourcing, and information officers.
* Please understand that if people who do not fit the purpose of the VIP group tour apply, they may be excluded from the actual invitation.