Participating companies C-level Inner Circle Meet-up

Invitation Introduction

SoftWave 2023 will hold a C-level Inner Circle Meet-up meeting to explore business collaboration opportunities among participating companies and provide opportunities to network. Only executives of participating companies were invited to the event, and a special lecture was prepared to predict industrial economic trends in 2022. We hope that the executives of the participating companies will participate.


- Event Name: SoftWave 2023 Inner Circle Meet-up

- Date and time: 30th of November, (Thu) 08:30 ~ 10:45

- Location: COEX Conference Room (South) 4th Floor Room 402

- Scale: 99 people only, closed on a first-come, first-served basis (no duplicating allowed)

- How to Apply: Application/acceptance through the website

- Requirements: Must be a Executive(s) of companies participating in SoftWave 2023(director, managing director, representative), 1 person per company

All participants in the event must be vaccinated (two weeks the vaccination) or have confirmation stating they are free of symptoms.


Time Program Notes
08:00~08:30 (Admission) Registration, entry, business card exchange
08:30~09:10 Networking Breakfast and Tea Time
09:10~09:15 Greetings Yang Seung-wook, President of Electronic Newspapers
09:15~09:35 Turbulent 2024, major domestic and international issues and economic outlook Kim Hanjin, 3PRO TV Economist
09:35~09:55 Mendix, Digital Transformation Trends and Corporate Cases through LowCode Platforms Kim Jong-soo, Sales Representative of Siemens Industries Partner
09:55~10:45 Move to exhibition hall, booth tour, farewell/souvenir presentation Participants will be guided
※ Depending on the quarantine standards during the event, there may be changes such as restrictions on the number of participants and no breakfast